Kuntuzangpo Monlam

Published on 19 June 2020

Siddhartha's Intent, 84000 and Khyentse Foundation invite you to join the global sangha reciting Samantabhadra's aspiration prayer during the solar eclipse of 21 June. We are supplicating a very special guest to also join us and keep turning the wheel of the Dharma, internet permitting.

The recitation will start at 10:15am IST and will last approximately 3 and a half hours. Global start times as follows:

USA West - from 9:45pm, June 20
USA East - from 12:45am, June 21
Halifax - from 1:45am, June 21
Sâo Paulo - from 1:45am, June 21
London - from 5:45am, June 21
Berlin, Paris - from 6:45am, June 21
New Delhi - from 10:15am, June 21
Thimphu - from 10:45am, June 21
Bangkok - from 11:45am, June 21
Beijing, Singapore - from 12:45pm, June 21
Sydney - from 2:45pm, June 21
Auckland - from 4:45pm, June 21

The links to join are:


Zoom Meeting (500 capacity)

Meeting ID: 820 8632 4479
Password: 994459


The text we will be reciting can be found here.

Thank you to Richard Page and Grecco Buratto for their beautiful and inspiring musical offerings. You can now listen to both Samantabhadra melodies here.

"During solar or lunar eclipses, when clamor or earthquakes happen, at the solstices, or at the turn of the year, if we let ourselves arise as Samantabhadra and recite this prayer within the hearing of all, through the aspiration of us yogic practitioners, all sentient beings of the three realms will gradually become free from suffering and then swiftly attain buddhahood."