Message From Rinpoche

30 March 2021

To all those donating to unofficial activities conducted in the name of Rinpoche's wellbeing.

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Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Anniversary & Khyentse Vision Project

28 February 2021

Join us online on 4 March for Manjushri sadhana practice and a talk on Khyentse Wangpo's life and activities. Followed by an introduction to the Khyentse Vision Project, which aims to preserve his timeless legacy.

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Happy Year of the Ox

11 February 2021

Watch Rinpoche's New Year greeting and download KF & SI's practice calendar for the year ahead.

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What is it like being a Rinpoche?

14 January 2021

Rinpoche discusses that and more in a candid interview with Buddhist Door.

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New Year's Message from Rinpoche

31 December 2020

Read Rinpoche's message to all those connected with Siddhartha’s Intent. May we all, in the coming year, feel even more enthusiasm for becoming awakened. 

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The Buddhist View on LGBTQ and Smoking

26 December 2020

Rinpoche talks to "The Bhutanese" about LGBTQ and smoking within the buddhist context of searching for and seeing the truth.

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On His Lotus Seat

13 December 2020

Ring in the new year by celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha! - UPDATED FOR LINKS

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Joining Ushnisha Vijaya From Afar?

10 November 2020

Live-stream links now available!

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Q&A with Tsunma Gosha and Jakob

14 September 2020

Join them online on Sunday 20 September for a chance to ask questions on any buddhist topic!

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The Buddha and the awesome, incredible mind

01 September 2020

Rinpoche talks to Kuensel about how to get in touch with our mind, with the earth, with our basic sanity, and the group karma of chanting the Buddha Shakyamuni mantra.

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